Cloud Contact Centre with ANBIZ VLite

A Contact Center Solution

ANBIZ VLite is a cloud contact centre software that equips your organisation’s contact centres, help desks, and support teams, with the ability to function remotely so that your customers are able to receive support from your organisation, anytime and anywhere. With our cloud contact centre software, you can effectively manage your organisation’s contact centre agents, whether they are a team, from multiple offices, or work-from-home agents that are spread throughout various geographical locations and time zones, with our cloud contact centre software. Additionally, you can also efficiently match the appropriate agent to the customer, based on why the customers reached out to your organisation and the type of communication channel that was used.

Having a cloud contact centre provides any organisations with numerous benefits in any industry, such as:

1. Low capital and operating expenditures

The cost for setting up a cloud contact centre is low, as compared to setting up a physical contact centres where you are required to pay for capital and operating expenditure – a cloud based contact centre only has operating expenditures.

2.Improved returns on investments

With a cloud-based solution, you get to maintain all the features of a physical contact centre, with the exception of your capital expenditure, which can be reinvested into operating expenditures to create a full-featured, state-of-the-art multi-channel contact centre, which contributes to improved return on investment.

3. Improved customer engagement and experience
Additionally, you are also empowering your contact centre agents by allowing them to work comfortably within the confines of their own homes, which can improve employee efficiency and efficacy that allows them to deliver better customer experience.

4. Operational scalability

On top of that, a cloud contact centre is easier to scale, whether it is to scale by number of contact centre agents, or by adding additional features or capabilities, it is much more flexible than a physical contact centre.


  • Service Continuity

    Ensure service to your client does not stop

  • Track to Resolution

    All your customer interaction is track till the issue is close

  • Improve your Customer Engagement Experience

    Ensure service to your client does not stop

  • Flexible Working Environment

    Your employee can be working anywhere, anything and service is not restricted with physical location anymore


Simple, Easy and Quick to get it up, you just need


You just need to forward your calls to the number we will be providing.

Package includes:-


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Unlimited incoming calls

Outgoing call



Call management

Incoming email channel

Email interaction handling

Call Tracking



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The implementation charges is inclusive of
• System configuration based on provided requirement document
• 2 hours video conferencing system walk through & training