Cloud Contact Centre Solution

More enterprises are considering cloud-based solutions.

Physical contact centres have unique challenges, such as high set-up costs, difficulties in maintenance and upgrades, and challenges with scalability.

They also come with additional risks, such as disaster recovery. Even large corporations like Wikipedia and Microsoft experienced significant data losses in 2013 and 2010 respectively, due to overheating issues causing servers to shut down.

What is ANBIZ VLite

ANBIZ VLite is a cloud contact centre software that equips your organisation’s contact centres, help desks, and support teams, with the ability to function remotely so that your customers are able to receive support from your organisation, anytime and anywhere.

Package Includes

  • Voice Call Handling
  • Email Channel Handling
  • Call Recording
  • Call Whisper
  • Case Management
  • Case Workflow
  • Analytics Report
  • Client agent matching
  • … and more!

Benefits of Cloud Contact
Centre Solutions

Remote Management: Manage team members easily across different locations and time zones.

Low Capital & Operating Expenditures: Setting up is cost-effective, requiring only operational expenses.

Improved Agent Experience: Empower agents to work comfortably from home.

Operational Scalability: Flexible scalability in terms of operating cost, product features, and serving capacity.

Business Prerequisite

to Adopt Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

Internet Connection

PC / Laptops


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