Moving Google Analytics Forward – Retiring The Old Version

Google announced today that after a year of supporting both the old and new versions of Analytics, they are now fully transitioning and leaving the old version behind. This means that as of tomorrow they’ll be removing the link to the previous version which sits at the bottom of Google Analytics pages and all analysis will take place in the new version.

The new version has been completely rebuilt on a more powerful platform that will allow us to enjoy more features including these recent launches:


  • Real-Time shows you what’s happening on your site as it happens. Immediately see the impact that online campaigns, TV ads, or mentions at a live event can have on engagement with your website.
  • Multi-Channel Funnels provides insight on the full path to conversion over a 30 day period. The variety of marketing channels used to find your website, and not simply the last click, so you can make better decisions on your marketing investments.
  • Social Reports help you measure the impact of your social marketing initiatives and evaluate the effect social media has on the metrics which matter to your business.
  • Mobile Reports show how visitors from mobile devices and AdWords mobile campaignsengage with your website. See how many pages they visit, how much time they spend, as well as conversion and ecommerce insights to help you optimize your mobile strategies.
  • Content Experiments enables you to show different versions of a page to different visitors, then using a new advanced statistical engine measures the results of each to determine which is the most effective version.

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