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FAQ on CRM for Small Companies

What small businesses should know about CRM

What small businesses should know about CRM

Small companies may be small, but they also have big dreams in wanting to see their business succeed. This comes with a lot of big challenges that requires smart solutions, and this is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes in. But if you’re a small company doing research on CRM, you may find yourself overwhelmed not only by the choices, but also by the cost and size many of these systems seem to come with.

Whether if you own a small company, or you’re part of a small company seeking solutions, we answer some of your questions. Mainly…Read More

CRM for Small Companies – What to look for

When the term customer relationship management (CRM) software comes up, it’s not unusual if the first thing to come to mind is a high-tech system built only for companies that can afford a dedicated IT team to handle it. While it is necessary for bigger companies to need really good software and a team to help them deal with the high amount of customer demands, CRM is also applicable for small businesses who are looking for ways to attract and manage customers.

CRM for Small Companies require planning

CRM for Small Companies require planning

The problem is, most people jump into CRM without thinking about what it is they really want out of it. They see an end, they see a path, but they don’t see where they are on the map to get there.Read More

CRM for Small Companies: Do you need it?

Running a small business has a number of benefits; from being more in control of what is running in the business to even being able to make better connections with staff and their needs. But along the way, there are plenty of obstacles to face: not having enough staff for certain tasks, too many work processes to handle, and most importantly, lacking enough time to attract new potential customers

If these are the challenges you’re facing (and more), the solution you may be looking for is Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

CRM for Small Businesses

CRM for Small Businesses

How CRM can help

For example, a man is running a fabric business, selling uniforms and shirts to different industries. Business is doing well, but after looking through his current sales, he realises his sales hasn’t grown much in the past year.

After doing some research, he figured out that his staff spends about 30% of their time doing administrative work. Realising he needed to cut that time down further, he adopted CRM to help him manage not only customer data, but sales and marketing data as well.

With more time being dedicated to building relationships with customers new and old, all the while making administrative tasks easier to access and work on, sales began to grow.Read More

Mobile CRM: The Next Step

Mobile CRM is fast becoming the next step.

Mobile CRM is fast becoming the next step.

The world today is fast paced with constant demands; demands that are no different to how things were over 20 years ago. We have always wanted access to information easily, and we have also wanted better and clearer communication. With the dawn of the internet, and most importantly the evolution of mobile phones to smartphones and tablets, being able to fulfil these demands were not only possible, but a new demand arose: instant information and communication that is mobile.

Smartphone users across the globe are expected to grow up to 6.1 billion by 2020, where it will then overtake basic fixed phone subscriptions. A change of the way we give out information and communicate is imminent, but many companies are unaware that this means a change in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) too.

Customers today are making their voices heard more and more, and if you’re selling a product that requires some form of assistance or if you want more data from what your customers are saying, then having a platform that enables this communication to be done quickly and smoothly is a necessity. This is where Mobile CRM can enhance your communication with them.Read More

Just tap Slash! And join the revolution

Slash is a free, intelligent keyboard that makes it easy to share links and other information without switching apps. The app sits conveniently between your phone and any app you are using, giving you access to a search engine wherever you go. Just tap the forward slash (/) on your keyboard to access partners like Foursquare, Stickers, YouTube, Contacts, Genius, Google Search and Maps and others.
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