ORLIG CRM aims to balance out the operational aspects by motivating people through game mechanics, and by making the working environment fun, motivational, and engaging for employers, employees and customers. We believe that motivated employees creates satisfied customers, which in turn, makes happy employers.

ORLIG CRM system integrates the following components to provide tools that can segment customers, and deliver customisable services at the right time – by acting on dynamic customer information. Our platform also provides businesses with customer insights, which allows opportunities to build relationships with profitable customers.


Gamification is the methodology of applying game mechanics to daily tasks and activities with a purpose. This purpose will drive employees’ motivation to perform better, and that creates satisfied customers and happy employers. Therefore, it is important to nurture our employees, just as much as how we advocate the importance of our customers.

ORLIG CRM provides you the ability to use the power of Gamification to create a fun and engaging workplace for your employees, while maintaining your company’s objectives.


Good marketing involves knowing your target customers and sending the right message to the right group of audience. Reaching the right audiences with the right marketing message will generate leads that can be converted to sales. This will generate great numbers for your business!

ORLIG CRM provides you with a segmentation tool, that enables you to segment and profile your existing customers, thereby maximising the potential from each customer interaction.


The process of closing a sale can be challenging, especially if you are unable to generate leads or convert leads to sales. But what if you can manage all these in a single platform and track the progress of these sales?

Our CRM system helps you to generate, consolidate and track the progress of your leads, as well as obtain customer insights by tracking and measuring each of the above interactions. This allows you full control over your customer leads so that you can customise your products to the right customers.


Good customer service means great customer relationships. However, to create great customer relationships, you would need to manage your customer interactions, especially customer enquiries and post-sales services.

ORLIG CRM allows you to manage all your customer interactions in one single platform, including providing your employees with accessibility to information that can be quickly acted upon, which allows them to resolve the issue before it even happens!

  Contact Centre

Working in a contact center is a challenging task. Working in a contact center without a properly integrated system can be even more challenging. Customers will be dissatisfied if enquiries are not followed up, employees will be frustrated when there is no accessibility to relevant information, and employers will lose profits.

Our CRM system allows you to handle inbound and outbound calls, with a fully visual display that can be integrated into any database, to provide employees with instant accessibility to relevant customer information. This allows employees to initiate resolution with customers instantly!

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