Mobile CRM: The Next Step

Mobile CRM is fast becoming the next step.

Mobile CRM is fast becoming the next step.

The world today is fast paced with constant demands; demands that are no different to how things were over 20 years ago. We have always wanted access to information easily, and we have also wanted better and clearer communication. With the dawn of the internet, and most importantly the evolution of mobile phones to smartphones and tablets, being able to fulfil these demands were not only possible, but a new demand arose: instant information and communication that is mobile.

Smartphone users across the globe are expected to grow up to 6.1 billion by 2020, where it will then overtake basic fixed phone subscriptions. A change of the way we give out information and communicate is imminent, but many companies are unaware that this means a change in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) too.

Customers today are making their voices heard more and more, and if you’re selling a product that requires some form of assistance or if you want more data from what your customers are saying, then having a platform that enables this communication to be done quickly and smoothly is a necessity. This is where Mobile CRM can enhance your communication with them.

What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM enables companies to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to do any form of CRM. With Mobile CRM, companies can leverage on the mobile freedom to extend functionalities such as:

  • Allowing your sales team to access their Sales Kit, update on sales activities and even manage sales quotations and orders from their mobile CRM
  • Allowing field engineers to receive and escalate job orders, deployment on site and update job status while on the field.
  • An extension to the Mobile Sales Force Automation and Mobile Field Force Automation would be to add a mobile inventory for equipment and stock management
  • Providing customer service, where customers can report problem and monitor their reported cases and receive notifications on the progress of their reports.

Why is Mobile CRM important?

As more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to do just about everything, from keeping track of their expenses to playing games, you can expect that they will also use it to seek customer service. This goes the same way to customer service employees, who are able to perform customer service and gather data easily on mobile.

This makes Mobile CRM important as the mobility of conducting CRM in this manner enables timelier follow-up of leads or even improved lead conversion rates.

Are there any flaws to using Mobile CRM?

There may be some issues in terms of adaption, and there is also the cost of buying smartphone and tablet devices for your customer service representative. But overall the pros of using Mobile CRM for better communication with customers and potential sales should outweigh these issues.

In the next article on Mobile CRM, we discuss on what you should look out for when opting for Mobile CRM.