FAQ on CRM for Small Companies

What small businesses should know about CRM

What small businesses should know about CRM

Small companies may be small, but they also have big dreams in wanting to see their business succeed. This comes with a lot of big challenges that requires smart solutions, and this is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes in. But if you’re a small company doing research on CRM, you may find yourself overwhelmed not only by the choices, but also by the cost and size many of these systems seem to come with.

Whether if you own a small company, or you’re part of a small company seeking solutions, we answer some of your questions. Mainly…

Is CRM Costly?

With so many tools and systems to help you manage your customers available out there, the true answer is that the cost of CRM varies. But the overall impression, especially for small businesses, is that CRM is an expensive endeavour that requires not only software but technology to support it all.

The truth is CRM does not need to be a big IT project. Once you develop the right strategy, you can build a roadmap that will enable you to build your CRM step by step, phase by phase. With the right budget that you can set and using your current tools, you can already start your CRM journey today.

Is CRM only for big companies?

Big companies do have the advantage of being able to get the technology and an IT team to help maintain and deal with CRM systems. But neither size nor money matters when it comes to CRM, especially when the focus should be on the relationship you aim to build with your customers.

Whether you’re a big or small company, you will still deal with customers. You will still need to create awareness, generate new market potential, new leads and then manage your customers.

The most important thing to remember is that CRM is all about trust. So whether you’re a big or small company, a big budget or a small budget, there will always be a CRM that can be fitted to your needs.

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