CX Consulting & Training

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    CX Training

    Our training focuses on equipping you with the necessary CX knowledge through experiential learning and hands-on experience.

    Learn decades’ worth of CX expertise within 3 days

    Understand how CX drives your company’s sales and churn rate

    Find gaps in your commercial process & improve operational efficiency

    Learn how to leverage Al in transforming CX — building predictable sales cycles



    Scenario-based learning

    Role plays

    Case studies

    Planning workshops

    Workshop Coverage

    • The “why” and importance of CX
    • Fundamentals of Customer Experience
    • Customer Service vs CX
    • Customer WOW Factor
    • Customer Retention
    • Customer Effort
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Designing Your Company’s CX

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      We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s current state, change readiness & pain points.

      A systematic review of all customer experiences at various touchpoints within your business pipeline.

      Collaborative meetings involving key stakeholders to generate innovative ideas and solutions for improvment.

      ANBIZ focuses on empowering our clients’ internal team, allowing transformation initiatives to run more independently.

      To ensure sustainable implementation, our CX experts provide regular strategic alignment, knowledge sharing, and guidance.